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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Feb 15, 2021

With Jackie Schwartz, Interior Designer and Business Owner

Over the past year, we’ve been spending more time than ever at home. Instead of going to work or socializing, our homes have become virtual offices, classrooms, and our nightly entertainment outlets. As much as we love being at home, we still may need to make a few changes so that our living space reflects our changing needs. For example, what’s the best way to set the stage and create a professional-looking background for Zoom meetings? Or, how can I make my home feel more comfortable or peaceful? Can a few simple changes in color or lighting really affect my mood? My guest today, Jackie Schwartz, is the owner and lead designer of Home Interior Warehouse in Michigan. She’ll share with us how simple design changes can really make a big difference in the look and functionality of our home, and perhaps even impact our mood and how we feel.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:


  • How did Jackie get started in the home design business?
  • What are the trends for decorating today?
  • What differentiates Jackie’s business from a big box store?
  • What are quick and inexpensive changes that will brighten our homes?
  • What colors help cheer people up?
  • What can we do to make our homes feel more welcoming when we walk in the front door?
  • How to decorate small spaces.
  • How to use books for decorating.
  • How pillows add dimension, especially in monochromatic rooms.
  • Trends for outdoor living during the pandemic.
  • Tips for staging your house and how to make it more attractive to prospective buyers.



Today’s Takeaway:

As we spend more time at home, shouldn’t our homes be the one place where we feel happiest and most comfortable? Look around your house. Does your home put a smile on your face? If not, perhaps it’s time to make a few changes. Don’t be afraid to swap out old pieces for new ones. Our homes should be our sanctuary, not a source of stress. Living with too much clutter may really stress you out. Make sure your home reflects your personal style. What colors make you happy? Go with what you love even if you’re on a tight budget. You can still make meaningful changes without spending a great deal of money. Whatever your budget, by turning your house into a home and turning your home into a haven, it will be money well spent. Our surroundings really do play a role in how we feel emotionally. When we love our surroundings, we can’t help but feel healthier and happier and wake up every day with a better frame of mind. That’s what I want to do! I want to be healthy; I want to feel good, and I want to live in a place that makes me feel good every day. I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”

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