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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Aug 30, 2021

With Weight Loss Success Story Anne Linsangan 


Did you know that having a diet or workout buddy can really make a big difference in achieving your health and fitness goals?  A recent study found that 70% of people who exercise with a friend or partner achieved their desired goal.  Finding another person to exercise...

Aug 23, 2021

With Sleep Medicine Specialist Dr. David Gessert


Does a good night’s sleep come easy to you? Or do you struggle to unwind, unplug, and get the rest that your body is craving? Do you wake up constantly throughout the night, or find it hard to fall asleep in the first place? Just like nourishing our bodies with...

Aug 16, 2021

With Master Gardener and Permaculture Design Instructor Paige Payne


Do you ever want to just get away and escape to someplace peaceful, tranquil, and above all, private? A place where you could get away from your phone, kids, or other stresses of everyday life so you could just read, relax, or meditate. How wonderful...

Aug 9, 2021

With Health Promotion and Human Performance Professor, Dr. Tony Moreno


Daily exercise is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. In addition to toning our muscles and possibly losing weight, regular exercise releases endorphins that may help fight depression and sadness. Exercise boosts our...

Aug 2, 2021

With New York Times Bestselling Author, Heather Armstrong


Did you know that one in four adults in the United States suffers from depression? Depression rates among teenagers and children are on the rise as well. The events of the past 18 months have put us all on edge, leading to feelings of fear, uncertainty, and...