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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Nov 21, 2022

With Sarah Eldridge, Weight Watchers Coach


The holidays are such an exciting time of year. It’s a time for celebrating when we look forward to office parties, sharing family meals, and annual get-togethers. But the holidays can also be an especially difficult time if you have lost a loved one during the past year....

Nov 14, 2022

With Dr. Geoffrey L. Cohen, Stanford Professor and Author of the book, “Belonging”


One of our most fundamental human needs is feeling a connection with others to avoid feeling lonely and isolated. As social creatures, our need to bond and connect with others is an important part of our basic survival instinct....

Nov 7, 2022

With Carly Mark, Fashion Designer & Puppets and Puppets Founder


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week (NYFW)? It all sounds so glamorous and exciting, but what is it really like backstage at a show? What’s it like for the designers and where do they get their...