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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Oct 31, 2022

With Christy Howden, Co-Founder & Owner of Wolverine Pickleball


Have you ever heard the old expression, “Behind every cloud, there is a silver lining”? In the midst of our darkest moments, we might discover a silver lining. It could come from the most unexpected place or in the most unlikely way, but there it is! A glimmer of hope that provides a genuine blessing or even a new start that might never have been possible unless we first went through that painful journey. Whether we were actively seeking a fresh beginning or simply stumbled upon it by accident, the silver lining fills us with hope and sheds a beacon of light. No one would ever expect a global pandemic to provide an opportunity to establish a silver lining for the community.

Our guest today, Christy Howden is here to tell us how, without any prior experience, she successfully launched a brand new business venture in the midst of COVID-19 and provided a wonderful benefit for her community. As her business grew, so did their loyal following because of the safe, healthy, and enjoyable distraction it offered from the fear and uncertainty of what lay ahead.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • What made Christy decide to open a pickleball facility?
  • How many courts does Christy have and where is it?
  • What was Christy’s background prior to the pandemic?
  • What initially attracted Christy to pickleball?
  • What makes pickleball such a social sport?
  • How do pickleball tournaments work and where can you find them?
  • How did the community’s response inspire Christy to open her own business?
  • What are the logistics and price points for pickleball play?
  • What makes Wolverine Pickleball unique?
  • What are the safety precautions for playing pickleball?
  • How does Christy plan to expand her pickleball business?


Today’s Takeaway:

Believing in silver linings helps us develop the kind of resilient spirit that can see us through the worst of times. When Christy and Leslie first began playing pickleball together, it was merely a social diversion they both enjoyed to take the stress out of their daily lives. Then as they began organizing and coordinating pickleball tournaments in the midst of the pandemic, they saw how it helped so many others stay active and socialize during a difficult and challenging time. The positive response from the community gave them the courage to push forward with their plans to open up Wolverine Pickleball. Today, Wolverine Pickleball is at the forefront of expanding opportunities for the sport. They are now the fastest-growing pickleball destination in the Midwest. What an amazing success story! Viewing tough times as a chance for growth gives us an opportunity to see things we might not otherwise consider. Being able to choose how we live our lives is a gift because we get to author our own life story and write the next exciting chapter. So why not continue to look for your silver lining? You never know what amazing opportunities await behind that next cloud. Remember that every day is a gift. I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”



  • “It has changed my life!” — Christy
  • “Once you start playing pickleball, you just want more and more of your friends to join.” — Christy
  • “Now this is my second act.” — Christy
  • “The community has been solid with helping us out.” — Christy
  • “It’ll be one of the biggest pickleball facilities in the Midwest and near the top for the country.” — Christy


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