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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Jul 26, 2021

With Gayle Schindler, Professional Chef and Food Writer


One of the unique silver linings that the pandemic presented to so many of us was the opportunity to fine-tune our skills in the kitchen. Whether dabbling as a beginner or creating master-level culinary art, the common theme for all of us was the chance to enjoy quality time in the kitchen. But just how healthy are the meals — and treats — that we create for ourselves? Too often cooking at home requires a trip to the supermarket followed by hours of prepping and cooking, but that doesn’t have to be the case. When you start with a well-stocked pantry and freezer, the meal possibilities are endless.


My guest today knows how to stock the pantry to make healthy at-home cooking the easy choice. Gale Schindler is a professional chef, food writer, and blogger who has joined us to share her passion for cooking.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Gayle recounts the delicious life experiences that developed into her passion for cooking.
  • Where does Gayle get the ideas for her recipes?
  • What are the best fresh produce options to keep on hand?
  • Why should you consider shopping at your local farmers’ market?
  • How should fresh produce be stored in your kitchen?
  • The benefits of keeping frozen vegetables on hand.
  • Simple ideas for cooking edamame, cauliflower rice, green beans, and more.
  • Gayle’s simplest recipe includes veggies, protein, crunchy elements, and flavorful dressings.
  • What does Gayle write about in her food column?
  • What can you cook with the trendy recipe staple chili peppers?
  • How should you flavor your food beyond salt?
  • The difference a good sharp knife will make in your kitchen.
  • Perfecting caramelized onions, adding garlic, and using oil sprays.
  • What makes a meal easy and simple?
  • How can you quickly and safely defrost frozen chicken?
  • What are the benefits of preparing and eating healthy food at home?


Today’s Takeaway:


If you think cooking dinner from scratch has to involve a trip to the supermarket, followed by hours of prepping and cooking, then you’re missing out. With a little bit of creativity and a properly stocked pantry, fridge, and freezer you can have a fresh, healthy, and delicious home-cooked meal on the table in less time than it takes to order a pizza. Preparing meals at home also gives us the option of incorporating plenty of healthy ingredients. When you start with a well-stocked pantry and freezer, the meal possibilities are endless. And when we control what goes into our meals, we can also choose what we leave out, namely, trans fat and unnecessary sugar and salt. When eating at home we don’t have to be tempted to order those beautiful calorie-laden desserts either. Remember, every day is a gift and by having a well-stocked pantry you cut down on those last-minute pizza deliveries. It’s good for your wallet, good for your health, and good for your body.



“Farmers markets are a great place to get good ideas and to try new things.” — Gayle Schindler


“Next to fresh, frozen vegetables are your best second option.” — Gayle Schindler


“The vast majority of people eat the same food every single week.” — Gayle Schindler

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Joy of Cooking, by Irma S. Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker, et al.

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How to Stock Your Kitchen & Cook Quick, Easy Meals ​with Ingredients You Keep on Hand: A Book of Tips & Recipes, by Gayle Schindler

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