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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Nov 30, 2020

With Fashion Designer and artist, Carly Mark.

Just because we're staying home these days doesn't mean we can't still dress up as if we were going to a fabulous party! When you look your best, you just feel better. So do something different for a change. Get out of your sweats, put on a favorite dress, slip into your dancing shoes, take a photo and plan a special evening at home together!

In this episode, Florine is joined by NYC-based fashion designer Carly Mark. Her clothing line is called Puppets and Puppets. She is not only a talented artist and designer but is also Florine’s granddaughter. She has been featured in many fashion magazines and was recently on the cover of Vogue Italia. Even though fashion design, fashion shows, and fashion sales have changed, Carly talks about how it's still relevant and why it's important to dress up and feel good about ourselves.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:


  • What made Carly go into fashion design.


  • How different cities and countries approach fashion.
  • Where does the name Puppets and Puppets come from?
  • What kind of clothes Carly is making to fit the lifestyle of people staying at home.
  • Because of the pandemic, online is the best way to sell to customers.
  • What is NYC Fashion Week and why is it still happening during the pandemic?
  • What is a “Lookbook”?
  • How Carly uses in-person and online networking to gain attention.
  • How Carly met her longtime co-designer, Ayla Argentina.
  • Holiday season fashion trends lean more towards comfort.
  • Unique ideas for holiday gifts.
  • How to try to buy more sustainable clothing.

Today’s Takeaway: One of the best ways to fight pandemic fatigue is to celebrate when we can. Even if you’re staying home, make it special. Dress up and wear your newest fashions! Create new traditions with family and friends. Celebrate the holidays and be grateful! Just because this year is different, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. 

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