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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Oct 4, 2021

With WDIV Style Editor Jon Jordan


The events of the last two years may have had a very significant impact on how we feel about our physical appearance. Since we were spending more time at home rather than in public, we began dressing much differently. We dress more casually and have minimized our daily makeup routine. After more than a year of avoiding crowds and socializing, now we want to step out looking and feeling our best. But what if we’ve lost or gained weight during the quarantine and our clothes no longer fit? Or we’re feeling self-conscious because we stopped wearing makeup and styling our hair? If you feel like you don’t know what’s currently in style, you’re not alone. We may even question what’s appropriate to wear out. Leggings, jeans, and nice tops are all fine for Zoom, but are they considered acceptable business attire in the office? When we look in the mirror first thing in the morning, the way we see ourselves can set the tone for the entire day. Research has proven how a mind-body connection exists and our mood can affect our skin, our hair, and even our posture! If we believe we are not looking our best, that lack of self-confidence can truly affect how we feel. For some of us, putting on a touch of makeup every morning may be the key to helping us feel good about our appearance. For others, putting on makeup may feel like an unnecessary burden that requires too much time or an expertise we just don’t have. We all have our own unique idea about what makes us feel good about ourselves.


If you're looking for new ways to refresh your look, this episode is for you. My guest today, Jon Jordan, is the style editor at NBC station, WDIV. Jon says that with so many tips and tricks available, looking our best can be effortless and easy. You can step out the door with self-confidence that you look good and it will make you feel good.


What You’ll Hear in This Episode:

  • What is Jon’s background?
  • What are Jon’s thoughts on makeup trends and makeup for different ages?
  • What are lash extensions and are they worth it?
  • Tips on using lipstick and blush.
  • What about makeup for men?
  • Skincare tips for men and women.
  • Is there a difference between expensive and drugstore makeup and skincare?
  • What procedures help with skin correction?
  • What should we be wearing now?
  • What is a capsule collection?
  • Jon’s thoughts on leggings.
  • How to get a personal shopper… for free!


Today’s Takeaway: 

It’s so important we do everything we can to look and feel our best. We wouldn’t think twice about spending money on our house or a new set of tires, and yet so often we tend to put our self-care needs on the back burner. There’s always something else that takes priority! Don't we deserve to take good care of ourselves too? So go ahead. Empower yourself to be fabulous. If there’s something that’s been holding you back and making you feel less than, now might be the perfect time to make a change. When you look in that mirror and like what you see, you feel better and you have a much better day. The holidays are a perfect time to treat yourself to a facial or a makeover or collaborate with a personal shopper to develop your own unique sense of style. Whatever it is that will make you feel like a brand new and improved version of yourself, why not do it? We only have one life and today is a gift. I want to look and feel my very best. Every day should be treated as a precious gift to ourselves. I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”



“Having a sense of style, making a little bit of an effort does make everybody feel better if when they look in the mirror they like what they see. It has to color your day.” — Jon


“It’s important to keep your skin moist. It’s important to use a sunscreen 365 days of the year no matter where you live.” — Jon


“The brave new world of injectables is kind of astounding.” — Jon

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