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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Apr 4, 2022

With Autumn Weidenhamer, Yoga Instructor & Fitness Club Owner


One of the industries that were hardest hit during the pandemic was health clubs, with approximately 25% of public gyms closing. As a result, fitness instructors began offering online training. This completely changed the way in which we exercise. Instead of relying upon gyms to provide a place to exercise, we embraced activities that could be safely and easily done at home. But so many of us missed the socialization that in-person workouts afforded. As COVID-19 numbers began trending down and fitness clubs reopened, enterprising gym owners sought new ways to attract more members. They began to offer a variety of fitness events in social settings specifically designed to give members the opportunity to work out while getting to know each other. My guest today, Autumn Weidenhamer, is the owner of All Seasons Yoga & Fitness. She was recently voted #1 Best Yoga Studio in a viewer poll from NBC Affiliate, WDIV. All Seasons is not your typical yoga studio! It’s a mobile yoga business, meaning that Autumn teaches classes at a variety of locations. In fact, she specializes in offering yoga events at unique and creative places like libraries, parks, wineries, and even on the lake. It’s a creative and fun way to stay fit while connecting with others.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • What is Autumn’s background in becoming a yoga instructor?
  • What benefits does yoga provide compared to other exercises?
  • How did Autumn pivot from her original career path into yoga?
  • Where does someone train to be a group fitness or yoga instructor?
  • When did Autumn get the idea to work with local businesses to sponsor yoga events?
  • What are yoga events?
  • What are the different types of yoga and poses?
  • Is yoga accessible to people of all sizes?
  • Autumn talks about a recent yoga event at a brewery.
  • Do many newcomers join these yoga events?
  • How to get over feeling intimidated or inept at yoga.
  • Has Autumn established ongoing events and relationships with local businesses?
  • Should people do yoga every day or mix it with other exercises?
  • What other classes does Autumn teach and where?


Today’s Takeaway: When health clubs closed during the COVID-19 lockdown, many of us lost more than just our favorite place to work out. We also lost an opportunity to meet up and socialize with others. We learned how to exercise at home, but we missed the enjoyment of working out in a class setting. There’s nothing quite like the energy of a group to really get those endorphins flowing! One of the advantages of attending fitness events is that it’s also a great time to attract first-timers to a sport. If you’ve been trying to convince someone to join you in an exercise class, this might be an ideal way. The social setting and relaxed atmosphere can feel less intimidating than a gym or a yoga studio. So why not add a little something to your workout by attending a fitness event? Relax and unwind with others after class. Think of it as yet another way to bring your mind and spirit into that restful state of well-being. Let down your hair to connect with others! And perhaps even spark a romantic connection. Be sure to check out Autumn’s upcoming events calendar. Remember today is a gift and to enjoy the day. I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”



  • “I think it’s definitely connecting that mind, body, and soul.” — Autumn
  • “It’s focusing a lot on breath, a lot on calming your mind, adding movements into it and it’s just an exercise that really welcomes all ability levels.” — Autumn
  • “There’s always a way you can bring yoga into your life.” — Autumn
  • “I wanted to bring classes into places that people already hang out at.” — Autumn
  • “My goal has always been to remove intimidation from the yoga practice and I feel like being outside of a yoga studio can really help with that.” — Autumn
  • “With these businesses, I worked on creating a welcoming and relaxed environment.” — Autumn
  • “Everybody’s body is different, everybody’s day is different, so just focus on your own mat and your own body and stick with it.” — Autumn


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