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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

May 3, 2021

With Lainie Kazan, Stage and Screen Actress & Singer


We’ve all heard our share of negative comments over the years. They can be particularly hard to hear when they come from someone whose opinion we really value. But learning to handle rejection is just part of the job in Hollywood where the word “NO” is heard more often than the word “YES.” It can be discouraging and downright depressing, however, if you’re determined not to give up, you just might find tremendous success. My guest today, Lainie Kazan, knows all about the ups and downs that come with the entertainment industry. Lainie is a Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actress and singer as well as my dear friend. You may have seen her in roles on Modern Family, The Kaminsky Method, Grey’s Anatomy, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and perhaps most notably, my personal favorite, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Lainie also teaches acting classes at UCLA and serves on the board of her alma mater Hofstra University. Lainie has defied the odds with a career that’s spanned decades and she’s a perfect example of someone who never takes no for an answer.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:


  • When did Lainie know she wanted to be an entertainer?
  • What did Lainie’s early career look like?
  • All about the time Lainie was an understudy for Barbara Streisand in Funny Girl.
  • What it was like working on My Big Fat Greek Wedding… plus a surprise announcement!
  • What is Lainie’s favorite role she’s ever done?
  • How does Lainie continue to find work and stay relevant?
  • Lainie recently fell on some hard times but she is doing better now.
  • Why does Lainie think men work longer in Hollywood?
  • Who were Lainie’s favorite people to work with?
  • What is Lainie teaching at UCLA?
  • What does Lainie prefer — acting or singing?
  • A special closing serenade from Lainie!



Today’s Takeaway:

Being a successful working actress and staying relevant at any age means being willing to reinvent yourself. If you’ve ever been told you’re too old, too young, too short, too tall, or just not right for a particular job, then maybe it’s time to reinvent yourself. It takes work to stay on top of trends and a willingness to learn something new. Life becomes boring when you stop challenging yourself or learning something new. So go ahead… take control of your life! Try something new! I’m going to take singing lessons because I love to sing! Just get out there and do something that brings fun, excitement, and enjoyment to your life. Every day is a gift so enjoy it. And make the most of it. I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”

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