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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

May 31, 2022

With Amy Warner, Regional Director for Club Pilates


It’s no secret that the key to staying fit and in good health involves moving our bodies each day. When we intentionally move in ways that stretch and lengthen our muscles, we condition our bodies, by improving our posture and muscle tone. Not only is it good for us physically, but it gets those endorphins flowing which can also lift our mood and reduce stress. The most recent studies have shown that it may also improve our mental focus and concentration. Exercising our body may also exercise our mind.


But which exercise programs are best for us? One of the things to look for in a daily workout is a full-body, low-impact routine that won’t strain your muscles or cause injury. Placing undue stress on your joints is not only painful, but it could prevent you from exercising for a few days until you can move again without pain. You’ll also want a workout that can stabilize your core and improve your balance. That’s why Pilates has consistently been rated one of the best overall fitness and conditioning programs. A good Pilates workout provides strength, flexibility, and balance training; the perfect mix to improve posture, mobility, and mental health.


My guest today is Amy Warner. She’s the Regional Director for Club Pilates, an equipment-based pilates studio with 7 locations throughout metro Detroit and Grand Rapids. We talk with Amy about the mind/body benefits associated with Pilates and learn why this is such a great fitness activity for optimum physical and mental conditioning.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:


  • What is Amy’s background and how did she get started with Pilates?
  • What is Pilates and how is it different from yoga?


  • What makes Pilates different from other forms of exercise?
  • What are some of the benefits associated with a Pilates workout?
  • Why is it so important to strengthen and stabilize our core?
  • What is the reformer?
  • How is the reformer more beneficial than mat Pilates?
  • What is some of the other equipment that you provide at Club Pilates?
  • What does a typical Club Pilates class look like?
  • Is Pilates a “one size fits all” type of workout?
  • Does Pilates help you lose weight?


Today’s Takeaway: Finding an activity or exercise routine you can commit to doing several days a week is not only good for you physically, but it’s also good for your mental and emotional health. You may find that you have more energy, sleep better, and feel less anxious or stressed. When stress hormones build up in your body, it can lead to muscle spasms and pain. But finding a way to effectively “channel that stress” through a physical workout, helps to release that build-up in a healthy manner. Taking part in an overall body conditioning class like Pilates may increase your body awareness and mental focus, which could improve your memory and concentration. In addition to strengthening your core and improving your posture, you may also find yourself breathing better. Remember that every day is a gift and the gift that we get from properly nourishing and moving our bodies will only serve to make us healthier and stronger. We’ll feel better physically, we’ll have fewer aches and pains, and our mental focus will be sharper. Best of all, when both our mind and body are in balance, it has a positive effect on our mood so we act better too! Remember to treat your body as a gift. Get moving! I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”



  • “Pilates is a low-impact full-body workout that focuses on flexibility, strength, and body awareness through controlled movements.” — Amy
  • “Always moving your body is a good thing.” — Amy
  • You want to do what speaks to you and what you respond to so that you’re consistent and healthy.” — Amy
  • “Pilates is all-inclusive; it’s always full-body, it’s always low-impact.” — Amy
  • “It’s all-inclusive. Regardless of age or fitness level or injury we can actually help people be successful with their fitness routines.” — Amy
  • “If we're not using those muscles on a regular basis, they become dormant.” — Amy
  • “We can accommodate all ages and all fitness levels.” — Amy
  • “Any time you're moving your body is a good thing.” — Amy
  • “The nice thing about Pilates is how it increases your body awareness.” — Amy
  • “When you're doing good things for your body, you do tend to put better things inside for fuel.” — Amy


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