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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Mar 29, 2021

With Nonprofit “Detroit Hives” Founders Nicole Lindsey and Timothy Paule


The next time you feel frustrated by a situation and think you’re powerless to change it, remember that sometimes all it takes is the willingness to find the solution. It’s all about taking the very first steps. Nicole Lindsey and her partner Timothy Paule did just that. They made a commitment to help the community where they live and make a positive impact and at the same time, they were inspired to get healthy and lose weight. Four years ago, they began purchasing abandoned lots in the City of Detroit, transforming them into working beehives. Now, these beehives produce more than 50 pounds of raw honey at one time! While promoting Detroit Hives and their mission built on conservation, education, and revitalization, Nicole and Timothy were encouraged to pay attention to their own physical health and were inspired to get healthier themselves. Together they have lost a total of more than 175 pounds! Now they’re sharing their passion for sustainability, health, and wellness to help others in the community.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:


  • How did they get started in their mission to help the community?
  • What are Nicole and Timothy’s occupations?
  • What was the first thing they did with the vacant lot they bought?
  • Where did they get the idea for beehives?
  • What does a bee farm look like?
  • How they acquired additional lots and expanded Detroit Hives?
  • How does their community partnership work?
  • How do they harvest and sell the honey?
  • What are the best uses for honey?
  • How do they give back to the youth?
  • How Florine inspired their health and wellness transformation.
  • What do they do to stay healthy and lose weight?
  • What are BEE WELL care packages?
  • More about the “February Man of the Month” award Timothy received from the “Official Detroit Task Force on Black Male Engagement” .
  • Does the Detroit Hives have an office?
  • How do bees survive in the winter?
  • What’s next for Detroit Hives?



Today’s Takeaway:

Nicole and Timothy are a shining example of what two people can accomplish when they dream big and pursue their dreams for tomorrow. Now is a great time to think of how we can make a positive impact on ourselves and our community. If we just make the commitment and take those first few steps, miracles can happen down the road. Through Detroit Hives, Nicole and Timothy are breathing life into vacant lots that were once characterized by litter and decay. Once they saw just how successful they were at preserving the lives of bees, they committed to getting healthy themselves and transforming their own lives. Do you have someone who can join you on your own health journey? I found a number of partners and friends through Weight Watchers who helped change my life. Pursuing our goals or passion with others not only keeps us accountable, but it helps us support and inspire one another. Remember, every single day is a gift. Bee good to yourself, bee positive, don’t bee afraid to pursue your dreams, or bee-come a healthier version of yourself! I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”

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