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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

May 17, 2021

With Marc Jonna, Co-Founder & President of Plum Market Grocery Stores

Over the past year, I’ve been so thankful for the everyday heroes who show up to do their job. In addition to hospital and healthcare workers, my definition of a “hero” includes the grocery store employees who stock shelves, work the registers, and deliver food to our homes. Even during the worst of this global crisis, grocery stores remained open. We continued to have food on our table because of the dedicated employees who risked their own health and wellbeing for the rest of us. Because of COVID-19, grocery stores had to change their business practices to provide a safer work and shopping environment. My guest today is the president and co-founder of Plum Market, one of my favorite local grocery stores! Marc Jonna and his brother Matt come from a family of grocers and they founded Plum Market in 2006 in Michigan and have since expanded to 7 locations throughout the country. They were one of the very first grocery store chains to respond when the pandemic began and found creative ways to continue providing healthy food choices for their customers. Marc shares his pride in the industry, discusses how the pandemic changed grocery shopping and dining habits, and how Plum Market adapted. In addition, we talk about what food trends we can look forward to in the coming year.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:


  • How was Plum Market able to remain in business during COVID-19?


  • How did Mark and his brother start Plum Market?
  • Plum Market’s presence in the school systems, offices, and even the airport.
  • Where does the name Plum Market come from?
  • Do they outsource any of their food?
  • Where are Plum Market locations?
  • Why does organic cost more?
  • Are people eating more canned products over fresh produce?
  • How are people eating differently since COVID-19?
  • Do people still want the concierge and delivery service as restrictions are lifted?
  • What specialty sections does Plum Market have?
  • Are self-serve salad bars back?
  • Does Plum Market have a food truck?
  • What plant-based or vegan options do they have?
  • Do they offer “clean” meats?

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