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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Nov 29, 2021

With Linda McIntosh, Corporate Director of Communications for The Forbes Company


Do you love to shop? I know I do! Or, are you someone who dreads shopping and has trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for? If the thought of going to the mall fills you with anxiety and online shopping isn’t for you, there may be another solution. Have you ever thought about working with a personal stylist or personal shopper? Did you know that in many of the more popular retail stores these services are complimentary? That’s right… free! Personal shoppers can help you find the perfect outfit for that wonderful holiday party or your next big occasion. A professional stylist will advise you on what’s in style and help you create an entirely fresh image for yourself. They’ll find something that not only fits perfectly but makes you feel like a new person. In addition, a personal shopper can find the ideal gifts for your hard to please loved ones and so much more. Did I mention it’s free?!


My guest today, Linda McIntosh, is the Corporate Director of Communications for The Forbes Company. They operate and own luxury retail mall The Somerset Collection. Linda will tell us all about the personal stylist and shopping services available in the Somerset Collection where they’ll even deliver the items right to your door!


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:


  • What is the difference between a personal stylist and a personal shopper?


  • Can a personal stylist and shopper be the same person?
  • Will personal shoppers shop in every store in the mall?
  • How does the (free) home visit service work?
  • Do they work with men, women, and children?
  • How can someone get in touch with the stylists and shoppers?
  • What is a roaming concierge?
  • How does a virtual consultation work?
  • How has the pandemic impacted personal shopping?
  • Is this only for luxury stores and items?
  • Can you keep working with a stylist or shopper that you love?
  • Can you have clothing set aside to try on?
  • How can personal shoppers help you pack for vacation?
  • What are the popular holiday gift items this year?


Today’s Takeaway: Contrary to popular belief, brick-and-mortar shopping malls are not going away any time soon. Especially the Somerset Collection! In fact, according to a recent report shopping malls were more crowded in July of this past year than at any time since 2019. But shopping during the holidays is also a time when many people avoid crowded malls when even finding a parking space can be a challenge. So why not have a personal shopper do it for you? If you’re having trouble finding that perfect outfit to wear for a holiday get-together, you can work with an expert who will know exactly where to go and what will best suit your taste and body type. Or, if holiday shopping is your idea of a nightmare, why not let your personal shopper take the frustration and guesswork out of gift-giving? The holidays should be a time for joy, laughter, and sharing good times with your loved ones. So instead of stressing about the holidays this year, let the experts do the shopping for you and make this season a joyous one to remember. Remember that every day is a gift and we should spend it doing the things that are really important to us. Getting help from people who know what they’re doing can save us that precious time. I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”



  • “We can make your life easier by doing shopping for you or we can enhance your life by changing and helping you enhance your style.” — Linda
  • “A personal shopper can simply take your list and fulfill it for you.” — Linda
  • “It is a growing, growing business.” — Linda

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