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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Oct 25, 2021

With Actress & Producer, Jane Hajduk


Often when we’re in a relationship, especially if our partner is very successful, we can lose our own identity. How can we be fully supportive of others in our relationships unless we first value ourselves?


Putting our own needs first might feel uncomfortably selfish when others are counting on us to be there for them. But taking care of ourselves and nurturing our mind, body, and spirit can give us the energy to be fully present for others. When we honor our own needs and feed our spirit, we come away feeling refreshed, recharged, and re-energized. Simple things like meeting a friend for coffee, taking a walk in nature or a relaxing bubble bath, or just simply curling up with a good book are easy ways to practice self-care. But it’s equally important to make sure that our career dreams or lifestyle goals don’t get ignored if we give our all in support of our partner.


In November of last year, Florine recorded an interview with the talented actress and producer, Jane Hajduk. Jane knows the importance of being true to herself and achieving her own individual goals even while her husband is in the public spotlight. In addition to her own successful career where she’s currently producing “Candyland,” an upcoming TV series about life in a VA hospital, Jane’s also the wife of a well-known actor and comedy legend Tim Allen.


Speaking from personal experience on what it takes to successfully navigate Hollywood when your husband is a popular celebrity, Jane shares her thoughts on the importance of maintaining her own career and identity. Even if you’re not married to a Hollywood superstar or working in the entertainment industry, Jane’s words ring true for non-celebrity couples when it feels like one partner’s job or personal needs are prioritized over the other’s.


Welcome to Today’s Takeaway! I’m Florine Mark and my guest is Jane Hajduk. Jane’s a talented actress and TV producer who just happens to be married to comedy legend and movie star, Tim Allen. It can be difficult at times to be married to someone who’s always in the public spotlight. Is it hard to maintain a healthy self-image when you’re in the public eye? How can we be a supportive partner and still make sure that our needs are being met? Jane is going to share with us what it’s like to be the wife of a movie star while maintaining her own identity and successful career and much more, so stick around!


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Initially, Jane felt cast aside by her husband’s fans, but eventually, she learned to empathize with their excitement in meeting him.
  • How Jane first met her famous husband, Tim Allen, at a YMCA charity event.
  • Jane began her career in dance and aerobics, then as a personal trainer.
  • How auditions have changed for Jane since becoming a mom and now during the pandemic.
  • Why Jane decided to pursue acting as a career.
  • What it’s like meeting other famous actors through Tim and not feeling ignored or overlooked.
  • Jane’s latest producing project is a TV series called Candyland.
  • How Jane got involved in supporting veteran’s charities.
  • What would people be most surprised to learn about Tim Allen?
  • How Tim and Jane honor and support their favorite philanthropy projects.
  • What would people be most surprised to learn about Jane?
  • How Jane and her family have managed to stay sane during the pandemic through theme nights, games, puzzles, and cooking.
  • The importance of using exercise to cope with anxiety and stress in the pandemic.


Today’s Takeaway: The number of couples suddenly divorcing due to the pandemic has skyrocketed. It’s more important than ever to build strong relationships. Sometimes if the family dynamic is unfairly tilted in favor of one spouse’s needs over the other, it’s easy to lose sight of yourself. The foundation for any healthy relationship comes from first loving and valuing yourself before we can show love to a partner, a friend, a family member, and or even the world. What can you do today to begin building a healthier relationship? Communication is key. One of the first steps we can take in maintaining our own identity and self-esteem is making sure we feel heard. You need to know when to put your needs first. Jane says it’s important to speak up and let others know when “you’re in a funk” or just need some personal space and don’t forget to be grateful for everything you do have today. I’m Florine Mark and that’s “Today’s Takeaway.”



  • “I kept thinking my time would come. And really, to be quite honest, I’m still waiting.” — Jane
  • “I’m a confident person. I’m not a shy person.” — Jane
  • “Right now, we’re at such odds.  We really just need to open up our hearts and our eyes and our ears and listen because so many points are so valid.” — Jane

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