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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Sep 27, 2021

Entertaining over the past year has been very challenging. Long awaited milestone celebrations and annual events were repeatedly postponed, rescheduled or cancelled outright. For those planned events that did take place, numerous safety precautions and a pared down guest list were typical. But through it all, we managed to persevere and despite the numerous changes, the celebrations were beautiful, meaningful and everyone enjoyed themselves. In November of last year, Florine recorded a podcast with special events party planner, Julie Yaker, who shared some great tips and strategies for entertaining safely in the midst of a global pandemic. Her ideas are as fresh and relevant today as they were one year ago.

What You’ll Hear on This Episode:

  • Julie specializes in not just making an event look beautiful but also meaningful and purposeful.
  • Rather than postponing weddings or major life events scheduled in the next six months, Julie recommends scaling back or modifying the events to be COVID-19-safe.
  • People are still finding joy in events, even though they are different.
  • Some techniques Julie recommends to be COVID-19-safe include masks, social distancing, utilizing outdoor spaces, individualized food and drink containers, personalized gifts, drive-by receiving lines, and more.
  • At this current time, staying home is really the best way to celebrate the holidays.
  • You can still find ways to make the holidays meaningful, whether it is virtual or in-person, through staging outdoor events in garages and in keeping old or creating new traditions.
  • For our mental health, Julie recommends “dressing up” for the event as you normally would, even if it’s just staying at home.


  • Today’s Takeaway: It’s important to find the joy in our everyday lives, especially around the holidays, and practice gratitude for the things that we do have. We don’t have to put our lives on hold, but we do have to be sensible about it. While attending events right now doesn’t look like it used to, we can still find creative ways to celebrate and find meaning.



  • “Is it exactly what everybody envisions or dreams of? No. But I do think there are ways to really make it special and meaningful. We just have to kind of twist what we think the traditional event is going to look like for right now.”
  • “Right now, I really do think we should stay home, be with who lives in our house and find a way to make it special with the larger family.”
  • “Maybe there are ways within your own family that you can create some new traditions.”
  • “Stay safe and celebrate! Don’t give up the happy moments.”

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