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Today's Takeaway with Florine Mark

Nov 23, 2020

With EMMY Award Winning Directer, Phideaux Xavier.

Since the pandemic, General Hospital has become even more popular, providing longtime fans with an outlet where they feel they can return to their normal routine, relax and enjoy a welcome escape.

In this episode,  Florine is joined by Emmy Award winning television director, Phideaux Xavier. In addition to being a talented progressive rock musician who released several albums with his band “Bloodfish,” Phideaux has worked on General Hospital since 2007.


What You’ll Hear on This Episode:


  • Daytime serials date back to Charles Dickens’s era and became popularized on radio in the 1930s by Irna Phillips.
  • How a show that has been on the air for 58 years is able to evolve and stay current.
  • What is so engaging about GH is that it contains the mundane parts of everyday life but also presents a heightened version of our lives.
  • Storytelling is the most important part of the show.
  • Some behind the scenes secrets about GH during November sweeps month -more than one person will die.
  • The scenes that Phideuax loves directing the most; his preference for comedic scenes; particularly comedy in villains.
  • The special precautions and protocols used to keep actors safe during COVID-19; especially during intimate scenes.

Today’s Takeaway: As the pandemic continues and the number of positive cases continues to increase, it’s important we stay home as much as possible. But being at home doesn’t have to be boring or lonely if we use the time wisely.

Keep yourself occupied and when you just need an hour to relax, you can always turn on the TV.  Engaging serial programs like General Hospital can offer a welcome escape from the routine of our day to day lives and when we pair it with at-home fitness or exercising while we watch TV, it's the perfect way to escape the stresses of the pandemic and stay engaged.


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